Ideas Worth Implementing

Perspectives on Leadership, Strategy & Selling Love vs. Fear Many years ago, a mentor of mine taught me an important lesson; always work to make

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Couple holding hands

Know Thyself

Tool for Transformation #4 “Know thyself. We must learn to look inside, to explore and accept our own deepest needs and beliefs. Only then, can

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Group of friends sitting on wall

Go Where The Love Is

Tool for Transformation #3 “Go where the love is. Everyone deserves accolades and acceptance. We are all born in light, and worthy of love. Seek

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Question Inherited Beliefs

Tool for Transformation #2 “Question inherited beliefs. Look for where they do or don’t resonate, using intuition like a divining rod. Keep whatever works, and

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Success is an Inside Job

  Tool for Transformation #1 “Know your early drivers. Success is an inside job. We won’t heal or evolve unless and until we are willing

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