Feet To The Fire Book Signing

Chapman University Hosts Kathy Gardarian For A Conversation On “Feet To The Fire”

Late last April, the Leatherby Library at Chapman University hosted me at the Wallace All Faiths Chapel for a conversation surrounding my new book “Feet To The Fire: Finding My Soul In Success.”

I was inspired to share my story – a woman who found my soul while climbing the corporate ladder. I know this is not something women normally say of their experience in the male dominated corporate world. But mine was not a typical journey. By relying on open-hearted love as my primary motivational tool, I was able to defy the traditional male business influences who told me I could never succeed without a man. I went on to become the Founder and CEO of Qualis International Inc. and was proud to become the first female voice on many corporate and nonprofit boards, where I am was able to share my message. I was honored to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Association of Women Business Owners.

As I told the audience at Chapman, “Work became a constant tug of war between the entrenched values of a macho culture and my evolving ones. The buddha put it best – the cause of suffering is to resist change. I couldn’t tolerate the misalignment any longer. I had to make a change no matter how scared I felt. Once again, the time had come to hold my feet to the fire. To trust in myself – and stake a claim on my future.”

As I shared my story with students and faculty I could tell my message was resonating with young people who are working in a changing environment. They were drawn to my words, and many of us spoke afterwards about how empowering it was to hear me share my journey.

I am honored to be able to inspire students and University leaders so together we can Lead with Love and transform the corporate environment.